Transfer files between your computer and phone over WiFi



ConnectAir is a tool that allows you to send and receive any kind of file between your computer and another device, such as an Android phone, using a WiFi connection.

You can send files to an Android phone or tablet as long as you have the app installed on that device. In addition, you can receive files from these types of mobile devices just by linking the two devices using the app's options.

ConnectAir's interface is a little clumsy, but given its lack of options there's no confusing yourself when when it comes to figuring out its features. Sending files to another device is as simple as choosing the device and choosing the files that you want to send. And receiving them is just about that easy too.

ConnectAir is a very useful app. Though it doesn't have the nicest or most manageable interface, it does allow you to comfortably send and receive images, songs, videos or documents to other devices using a WiFi network.